Rama Sakti Mission Trichur And Rama Devi Mandir

The Spiritual organisation established by Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi is Rama Sakthi Mission.This Website is of Rama Sakthi Mission Trichur which is Trichur centre of Rama Sakthi Mission.There is a prayer hall with a shrine of Divine Mother's Prathishta in Trichur under this organisation.The prayer hall is located in the Poonkunnam area of Trichur town.The prayer hall along with shrine is called Rama Devi Mandir

This establishment is governed by a committee elected from the members.There is pooja and Arati in the shrine both morning and evening at 6-30 and 6-00 respectively.We conduct various spiritual programme.There is Aswini Namajapa on every Aswini star which is Divine Mother's birth star There are programm on the occsion of Navarathri,Gurupoornima and there is Vigraha Prathishta day celebrations for 10 days in the month of February.

There are various poojas in the shrine which devotees offer.The various Poojas are Alankara pooja,Kumkumabhishekam,Manjal Abhishekam,Pushpabhishekam,Udayasthamana pooja,Daily Pooja,Aswini Samaradhana etc.Devotees can offer poojas by contacting us.

Our Leading Lights are Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi,Divine Mother Tara Devi andPoojya Sree Bhagawan Sri Sreenivasa Pai(Present spiritual head).


The Mandir in Trichur has a prominent place in the Divine Mother's Mission. The first pratishta of Her vigraha was done here. It was in the year 1953 during the Hindu Religious conference, that my mother donated the land for the Mandir. On Thursday the 24th December, at 10 am was the foundation laying ceremony, and Sri S Varadachari was to lay the foundation stone.

 That morning, a vast assemblage had gathered at the site. Mother and Bhagwan were welcomed with the chanting of Ramanam, nadaswaram and vedaghosha. Prostrating before Bhagwan, Mother went into an exalted bhava, rolling on the ground, and taking some dust from the ground placed it on Her head uttering in ringing tones the words "Satyam Dharmam ' .The mystic import of the act were not understood but all felt Her benediction for the sacred task ahead. As the ceremony started Mother still in Bhava stood with Her hands raised in blessing. It is on that sacred place that the Mandir and the Vigraha stand now.

 The Mandir came up, the pratishta of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna took place and it was in the year 1964 that the vigraha pratishta of Divine Mother took place. We had news from Dr Krishnamoorthy from Madras that the vigraha was ready and he was bringing it. Miraculously word came from Mother that She was coming and we were to fix the time and date for the pratishta.

 It was with namajapa and arati that we received the vigraha and placed it in the hall downstairs in Pushpagiri Park. A noted astrologer had been invited and he did the Prashna and found sunday the 14th February with pooyam star as the date. We remembered with wonder the Devi's declaration in Devi Bhagawatha that if Her pratishta was done on a sunday and pooyam, She would be propitiated.(see next bulletin)

Forty-one days of Koti Archana of Navakshari Mantra was fixed and Mother arrived in time for the lighting of the lamp of the Yajna. The Pancha Loha vigraha was placed in our puja room downstairs. Every night after all had gone to bed Mother would come down to the puja room. My husband and I were often witnessing to what happened then. She would show a Deepa (light) to the Vigraha and each day Her bhava would be different. At times She lovingly caressed the face, sometimes adorn the vigraha with flowers and kumkum, at other times it was with power and majesty that She touched the vigraha .It was as though She was infusing the vigraha with Her power even before the installation. For us, it was glorious indeed to see the communion between the Archa and the Avataric figure. 

Thousands witnessed the vigraha pratishta. Looking back it is possible to see the sequence of divine events that culminated in the pratishta. Soon after the Sri Rama Sri Krishna pratishtas Mother had declared She could hear the Hreemkara nada whenever She entered the shrine. There had come declarations that Mother had come as Durga and the command to propitiate Her with the thirty-two names of Durga, which began with Hreemkara, after the Tripura rahasya parayana in the Mandir. Finally the voice had come from the shrine that She had manifested in Hreemkara swaroopa and the command to give Her a saswatha sthana there.

 Thus the divine mandate was accomplished by the divine will. It was the Mothers blessing to the world, a gift of Her attributes to the coming generations, in Archa Form. It was the fulfillment of Her numerous visits to Trichur, where had come the first recognition of Mother as Devi. So it was fitting that Trichur saw the first installation of Her vigraha, the first concrete avowal of Her Advent.