Thrill Of Anticipation

At the age of 13 Divine Mother Thara Devi was granted an transcendental experience by Divine Mother by a mere touch .We can listen to Divine Mother Sree Thara Devi’s own words about this experience: -

The rapture of the Kirtans (devotional songs) closed, in the peace of an evening I spent at Mangalore. The whole night was before me for imagination to luxuriate upon Mother. It seemed to me as if the bed on which I was lying in my grandfather’s house was laid in a bower of roses encircled by herbaceous borders thick with tendrils and studded with blossoms. Intoxicating perfume made up of Tulsi and sandal breathed into me surging confidence and mounting rapture. Afar was heard gentle sighing of ocean waves.
My heart began to beat faster, the way it does, when I am caught up in a current of Mother’s compassionate glance. I sensed physical nearness to Mother’s holy person. The rustle of Her garments brought on reassuring thrill, moments of gladdening anticipation. I closed my eyes and allowed the flood of tears flow beneath the drooping eyelids. I was aware that Mother’s Hand was upon me; for an instant I felt tender caress. In the ecstasy of Her electrifying touch, I felt the fulfilling grace and healing comfort of divine visitation. This experience of my girlhood, when I was 13 had made me yearn more intensely for the glory of inner life that is gift of spirituality.”
Guru's grace is supremely great, He who wins it, is saved. Even if the planetary position is adverse and one is to face a grave crisis in one's life, the grace of the Guru will come to him as a protective talisman. Even destiny is set aside by the intervention of the Guru's grace. Have no doubt about it. Guru Balam, the power of Guru's protection, is greater than everything else. Let your faith in the Guru's word take you across this formidable ocean of samsara."