Grace Bestowed On A Sanyasin

Swami Jnanananda Saraswathi, who was my wife’s brother and leading advocate of Ernakulam in his Poorvasram, was a disciple of swami Sivanandaji of Rishikesh.I shall introduce him in the words of Swami Chinmayanandaji,”Swami Jnanananda was essentially a recluse, had no patience with man and his follies, a lover of nature, a deep and tender devotee, a daring Tapaswi and a loner all through his private life. He left the bar and took Sanyasa .He remained in Badrinath continuously all the twelve months around for 10 -20 years.”
In the year 1962-63, Swamiji came to south for the first time after his sanyasa and was staying with us. Then he came to know about Divine mother from us and waited to meet Mother. Mother was at Mangalore at that time. A sadhana session was going on for devotees from devotees of various centers and we too were called. I had written to mother about swamijiand his request for Darshan and I had got a reply also to the effect that Mother would grant Darshan to Swamiji at 6 PM on the same day we would be reaching Mangalore.Swamiji Swamiji had already planned to visit Kollur for Darshan of Devi Mookambika and he gladly accompanied us a party of about 20 devotees, most of them women and all disciples of Divine Mother.
      Soon after we reached our hotel, we got news that Mother would be giving Darshan to Swamiji at Sadhana Mandir and afterwards to all of us. So all of us washed up and got ready. We were there in time. There was a good gathering of devotees at the Mandir,all waiting for Divine Mother’s darshan.swamiji’s mind who was habituated in the solitude of Himalayan region, somehow felt restless and went out for a walk, perhaps to be alone with his thoughts. When Divine Mother arrived Swamiji was not there.By the Swamiji came back Mother was already busy with Her devotees, granting private interviews.Swamiji had to wait for sometime. Then he was called in .He had Darshan interview for a few minituesand came out and said that he would like to return to his room.We requested him to wait until our interview was over so that we could also accompany him. With some reluctance he agreed. Then Mother called me and my wife. When Mother was taliking to us lights went off. Mother asked us to sit in meditation. When after few minitues, the lights came back and Mother was found in Samadhi, seated in absolute motionlessness, like a marble image with a benign smile adorning Her face and Her hands revealing the mystic Chinmudra and Abhaya Hastha.
Wonderstruck at this phenomenon, Swamiji came nearer closely watching Divine Mother. The Samadhi lasted after half an hour. Then Mother rose up in an indrawn mood, silently left for Her residence.
That night Mother called all of us to Her residence for dinner. After dinner Mother called us all including Swamiji and spoke to us in abounding Prem (affection) Swamiji could get opportunity of talking to Mother for some time. While taking leave of Mother, he told Mother thathe was going to Kollur.with an effulgent smile,Mother said to him,Yes,do go, have Darshan of Devi.But Swamiji had no idea of coming back, as he was to return Trichur along with friend in his car.
 But to our surprise we saw swamiji back in Mangalore two days later and he wanted to see Mother. He seemed to be very happy and elated.He told us in a jubilant mood that he had a wonderful experience at Mookambika temple where had been before also. This time when he went for Darshan,he did not see the Vigraha in the Sanctum sanctorum ,but in its place he beheld the radiant figure of Divine Mother Rama Devi,in Her exalted Yoga poise of Samadhi revealing the mystic Mudras.This vision transported his mind into a realm of rapture.Simultaneouslythe words of Mother at the time of departure from Her Presence,flashed in his mind. And echoed in his ears.This experience at Kollur shrine revealed to him the identity of Mother Rama Devi wit Devi Mookambika.
Swami Jnananadaji’s last and memorable Darshan of Divine Mother took place in Bombay in the month of December 1971.Let me quote Swamiji’s own words on what happened during those decisive moments of life.”Tired of mortality and exhausted with Tapasya, and feeling convinced that only by divine grace I will be able to cross the sea of Samsara,I supplicated to Mother to extend Her Grace and save me. The compassionate one graciously glanced at me in absolute silence. Immediately in a flash, I felt assured of Her redemptive grace. A mood of total self giving possessed me and I fell prostrated at those shining Lotus Feet. During those brief moments, a wonderful spiritual experience came to me. What I did not get even through my years of solitude and meditation in Badrinath, and to tell the truth what I did not gain even at the Lotus Feet of my venerable Guru,that Atma Nirvruthi ,a glimpse of the supernal Atmic Peace, came to me. I felt supremely blessed.”