Divine Leelas



Manifestation as MahaVishnu

   Mother stepped through the crowd and into the house. The crowd rushed after Her and when we came to the house we saw Her standing on the balcony upstairs. Human language cannot describe all that followed. Gazing spell bound at Mother, we saw that Her very aspect has changed. A blue radiance emanated from Her and Her posture and Mudras were that of Mahavishnu,the God of pomp and majesty. Her figure seemed much larger than life. One hand was held in Abhaya mudra.and other was held aloft in the mudra of holding Sudarshana Chakra.We could see clearly a flame of light rotating in a circle round the upheld hand. It was indeed a divine phenomenon. From all round rose the chanting of Narayana Nama.Some were prostrating and calling to Narayana for mercy; others touching the ground again and again.Sudedenly Mother took off Her garlands and threw them down into the crowd.A pious Brahmin devotee from Thrippunithura got one garland and other fell into the hands of my father and daughter.

Still in Bhavavesha Mother continue to throw garlands and flowers over the head of Her devotees. Again and again blossoms rained over us ,as though from the heaven itself, bathing us in bliss indescribable. Her face still effulgent in blue radiance, Mother held out Her Hand in a gesture of blessing and disappeared inside. All of gathered the flowers on the ground as a most sacred Prasad.





  Power of Pratishta       

  I remembered an experience my husband had at the time of the Sree Rama Sree Krishna Pratishtas at Trivandrum.He was helping Mother to place the heavy idol of Sri Rama in its determined position .It chanced that his hands were still on the Vigraha when Mother in the great Bhava of the moment touched the heart of the Vigraha.My husband felt as if a tremendous bolt of energy entered his body. He could not remember how he stepped down from there. His whole body turned inwards and for our hour he was in that state. This experience gave him a glimpse of the immeasurable power that went into the installation. We saw only the outer act, without realizing the significance of installation done by Devi Herself.- 

(From the book ‘At the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother’ by Mrs.T.N.K.Nair