One night as usual I had gone to bed. At times, it was Her (Divine Mother) habit to spread a blanket in the right corner of the bed room and seated on that would be absorbed in meditation even the whole night. I presume that She sat in that room itself on some nights to allay my uneasiness, as She was merging in Samadhi, the whole nights. I always slept soundly but that night I suddenly woke up, which was unusual. Even in that state of drowsiness, I felt a current of inexplicable power, compelling me to open my eyes and I sat up still in a daze. I could not perceive Mother was still seated in the corner or not for suddenly an unearthly light brilliant as that of thousand suns spread around the whole room. I was jolted out of myself not believing my eyes. I gazed in the corner, where Mother had been sitting. There in sky blue radiance, I beheld with awe and unutterable bliss, the grandeur, the beauty and sublimity of divine Form of Krishna. The form of Mother had disappeared and in Her stead was Lord Krishna, seated in Padmasana, merged in beatific Yoga. The night was indescribable. There before me was God of blue radiance, in the heavenly brilliance and splendor of celestial ornamentations and wearing the golden yellow Peethambra.The figure was Krishna in his matchless beauty, but the perfect face of highest excellence exactly resembled Mother’s features, shining with pearly blue luster. My whole body was trembling in ecstasy, perceiving the vivid, absolute Reality of that god Darshan, while the whole room was pervaded by an intoxicating fragrance, which can never be compared to any earthly fragrance. I was losing my senses unable to bear the impact and I knew no more. May be it was 3 O’clock, in the morning, when I saw mother again seated there in Samadhi.

        Next day I realized that it was neither imagination nor dream, for that rare and Choicest Darshan was imprinted in my chittha permanently in undimmed clearness