·         Just wanted to share an incident  on our vacation in the US. We landed in New York on the 1st of May for a vacation with family. ·         Our first 2 days was in New York City, where we had booked a hotel in downtown. As a few of you, might know how difficult it is to find parking in downtown, we found a parking lot right next to the hotel. This was a parking lot where the cars would be parked in tier system (one on top of another). The only time we could get the car out was when we were checking out. ·         Suresh was holding on to all our passports and OCI cards, the entire journey in his pouch. After we checked in, on the 1st, we were getting ready to head out for breakfast on 2nd morning, when Suresh realized that he could not find his pouch. We were so sure it will be inside one of our luggages. We searched for almost 1/2 hr. Only to know that it was not in the room or any of our luggages. ·         When I asked Suresh air we could check in the car, he said that the car would be parked in the tier system and there was no way he would bring it down just to check a small pouch. Deep inside me, I was sure I knew that Deva is there to protect us, but this was just the very first day of our vacation. ·         After breakfast, I went up to the room again to search and something prompted Suresh to just go to the parking lot. He was happy to see that just 3 cars were not in the tier, and ours was one of them. He opened it and to our greatest joy, had found the purse lying in the passenger seat. ·         When I got down last from the passenger seat, I had doubly checked that there was nothing left behind in the car. What could have happened if it had fallen down? If somebody had just picked it up?. It is downtown New York. So many questions going on in my mind...... But my ONE answer is our prayers and DEVA. I cannot thank him enough. While people might call it mere circumstances, luck, anything..... I can only owe the whole incident as a blessing from my Guru. A lesson learned for us, and our humble pranams to Deva who is making sure that we have a great and a memorable trip.

Jai Matha! Jai Bhagwan