Changing Bhavas Of Mother


----Smt.G.Rugmini Amma

        One day I went along with two of my sisters for an exclusive interview with Mother. A smile of delight illumined Mother’s countenance. She directed at us a look, overflowing with kindness and affection which kindled in us a purity beyond description. Her attitude was expressive a more spontaneous affection than what even our own mother would have felt and expressed when reunited after long separation. We began to notice in Mother’s appearance a striking resemblance to our own mother who had left us a few years ago. After our prostrations She bade each one of us to sit by Her side. But we preferred to sit on the floor. When we asked Mother to give us ‘Smaran” Her face beamed with joy. She made us to recite “Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram”. Along with “smaran” it seemed She had infused in us spiritual power also. After talking to us for some time, She told us that She would give us “Antharlakshya” during Her next visit. We looked at each other bewildered, as we did not know meaning of that word. She again smiled us, Her beautiful expression radiating peace and tranquilty.We experienced a feeling of being reunited with our own departed mother and this was the first time we had some consolation ever since our bereavement and from that day Divine Mother took the place of our mother.

       Another day while giving a discourse, Mother assumed an altogether different aspect. It changed all on a sudden from one of serenity to one of gravity. With a firm masculine voice, Mother began to lead Namavali Herself. The majority of those present recited “Narayana, Narayana” along with Her. There was one lady who was keeping silent. Mother rushed to her side and asked her,” Why this diffidence? Recite “Narayana,Narayana”.It was command given in aloud voice, which removed the last vestiges of hesitation from that lady as well as others who had not joined the bhajan.The entire audience joined the chorus and the hall reverberated with name of God.

   To many Mother appeared to take the form of lord Krishna as the charioteer of Arjuna,and they were struck with awe and wonder. After Mother had retired, the lady mentioned above, wanted to know how we were able to approach Mother without fear, we explained to her that Divine Mother though omnipotent, was also the embodiment of kindness and affection. We assured her that she too could approach Mother without any fear whatever.

Om Shanthi!