Aspects Of Brahman

The supreme being shining with transcendental forms has been depicted in the holy scriptures. While forms and attributes belong to the plane of the Saguna, to the Godhood aspect of the Supreme Reality, we should bear in mind that the Mothers of our worship, Divine Mother Ramadevi and Divine Mother Taradevi really belonged to the realm of the Absolute, beyond form, relation and attributes. The Absolute cannot be conceived in thought or described by words, because of Its utterly transcendental and unique nature. Nevertheless, it is our goal, our source, our true being, and the root of our existence and hence It can be experienced. Silence (Mouna) alone can be the _expression of this ultimate reality, as also the most eloquent form of exposition of this Truth.
Though non-relational in its essential nature, the very same Absolute, when associated with Maya, is thought of as the Overlord of Creation and the repository of infinite powers and endless auspicious attributes, `ananta kalyanaguna nidhi'. This is the status of the Godhood, Ishvaratva. Ishvara infills and informs the universe and also transcends it. Ishvara is both the Impersonal and the Personal - Impersonal because, He is immanent in every particle of creation and is the indweller in every heart; Personal because, He assumes form and personality, and lends Himself to relationship and worship. He responds to prayer, reciprocates love, rewards worship, protects the devotees and guides the aspirants as their `antaryami'. To establish dharma, He takes `avatara' on earth. Thus, the Absolute, the Ishvara and the Incarnation, all signify one non-dual Truth only; and the visible universe too, is not separate form this Reality. While it is the sankalpa of the Lord that brings forth creation, it is His infinite mercy that urges Him to assume transcendental divine forms as also to take human incarnations for the sake of His bhaktas and doing well to the whole world. From this, you can understand, how infinitely merciful our Divine Mothers were, for have They not assumed human forms, lived in our midst, and suffered for the sake of Their disciples and for the general good of humanity?

Even though the infinite appears as saguna personality, it is not given to all to recognize His divinity. Only a very few bhaktas recognize the Saguna. When Divine Mothers appeared as human beings, everyone viewed Them as human beings only. Of course, quite a few on seeing Their extraordinary qualities were prone to assume that They were above the common humanity. But who understood Their divinity in the earlier phases of Their lives on earth? It was only later when divine bhavas started manifesting in Them, that the devotees had some insight into Their divine nature. So in a way, even Saguna is beyond the ken of human comprehension even though He is, during His advent on earth, physically visible and His auspicious virtues are discernible to some extent. Through the passage of time alone will the Divinity progressively unfold Himself? This unfolding process will go on and a time will come when humanity as a whole will accept the Truth of the descent of Parashakty in two forms contemporaneously, and appreciate Their work, life and spiritual ministry.