Mystic Acts Of Divine Mother

It was in Nov 1956, after the installation of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna at the Trivandrum Mandir, that we took Divine Mother to Kanyakumari for a few days of rest. Though She was mostly in solitude, there were some wonderful programmes with bhajan and discourses by Mother in the Devi temple, Gandhi mandir etc.
On the day of Mothers departure we were all ready by 6 in the morning when Mother came out of Her room and in silence walked down to the beach. My husband alone followed Her. Going along the beach Mother suddenly stepped into the water. For some time She stood there in silence then bending down began to offer water, as tarpana. My husband had no idea of the significance of Her act but felt a tremendous power spreading through the surroundings. As silently as She had come Mother came back and we all returned to Trivandrum. Kumarakam Parameswaran Pillai who had come with the car told us later that the place was Pitruteertham where ashes of departed souls were immersed.

After a few days my husband asked Mother to enlighten us about the mystic incident. She said that during the Advent of the divine They perform acts, which are beyond the limited scope of human understanding. An Avatar signifies a floodtide of divine grace. It is not just human beings but untold departed souls in different planes that are benefited and attain redemption in that flood of grace.

Mother did not elaborate further. However we know that in the human sense She did not know of any particular Teertha and so it was a divine sankalpa that led Her to that spot. Inscrutable are these divine Leelas. Nothing is hidden but only a very few, the devout and the faithful, are able to see beyond that which is immediately apparent; such revelations are the divine descent of grace to receptive hearts.