Leading Lights

Divine Mother Tara Devi

Divine Mother Sree Taradevi was born on the 20th July 1930, as the daughter of Divine Mother Ramadevi’s elder brother. When She was just a little over a year old, one evening as She was playing on the verandah of Her home, a sanyasin appeared and looking at the child predicted that at the age of thirteen She would, as a result of a divine touch, become completely transformed and thereafter live for God alone. He also said that Her father would prevent Her, but that his efforts would be futile.

The father who heard these predictions rushed out from within the house to see the person who had foretold these things. But the sanyasin just disappeared. As was prophesied, the father began to prevent Taradevi from, meeting Divine Mother Ramadevi, his own sister, for fear that his daughter would turn to spirituality. But strange are the ways of the Divine. When Taradevi was thirteen, She was sent to attend the wedding of an uncle where She met Divine Mother Ramadevi. Evidently Her father had forgotten the prediction. A casual touch of Divine Mother sent Taradevi’s mind to the highest realm, a state that continued for four days. Her father was furious when he learnt of this and from then onwards would take all precautions to keep Her away from Divine Mother. But there were times when the Divine will prevail over human plans.

Such was Taradevi’s faith in Divine Mother that years later even when She was declared as a terminal case of amino carcinoma, with very short tenure of life, She cheerfully went about serving Divine Mother and attending to Her other duties. She continued to serve Mother’ cause for more than ten years after the operation. Taradevi was an ideal disciple and served Her Guru in a perfect way.

She could intuit Divine Mother’s wishes and would carry them out even without being told. In February 1952 She was married to Dr. K.V.S. Pai as per the wishes of Divine Mother. Their marital life marked unbroken brahmacharya and dedication of Divine Mothers’s spiritual mission.

In the domain of home, She functioned as simple housewife endowed with feminine virtues and with a marvelous capacity to adjust the expense of the home within the means of Her husband. Rich already with profusion of inner contentment, She had absolutely no attachment to anything worldly.

She had to pass through the strains and stresses of life and face stupendous problems which would have unnerved any lesser person. But She was greater than Her surroundings and She rose above the tides of life Her own innate forces of love and self abnegation and sacrifice and submission to the Divine Will.

Divinity was inherent in Her, but it remained unmanifested under Her own self-chosen role as a disciple. As a sishya par excellence, the sovereign qualities like humility, Gurubhakti, dedication and dynamic spirit of service, bloomed in Her to their fullest splendour of perfection.

Such was the magnitude of Her love for the Guru that the very vision of the guru’s form, or mention of the Guru’s name would transport Her mind into ecstasy. But She did not give Herself up to the quietude of personal raptures of the inner soul. On the other hand, Her love was dynamic, which sought fulfillment in the silent personal service of the Guru and in solemn dedication to the Guru’s cause