Leading Lights

Poojya Sree Bhagawan

Poojya Sree Bhagwan is the spiritual Guru of hundreds of devotees of Divine Mother Ramadevi, the consort and spiritual successor of Divine Mother Taradevi, the President of Rama Sakti Mission and the guide and saviour of all those who surrender to Him. To the blessed ones who have recognized His divinity He is the Deity of worship and adoration.

Poojya Sree Bhagwan was born on the 10th of March 1927 in the city of Madras, as the eldest son of Dr, K. Vithaldas Pai who was then one of the leading medical practitioners there.

After His high school education at the Ramakrishna Mission High School. Poojya Sree Bhagwan took His M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Madras Christian College. Thereafter, for several years, He occupied top executive posts in international firms and research institutions in Calcutta, Madras and Bombay and later on, for fourteen long years at Aphali, Ahmednagar.

It was in 1941 that Sree Bhagwan met divine Mother Sree Ramadevi at Mangalore. At the first meeting itself He was profoundly influenced by Her and in 1949 accepted Her as His Guru by receiving spiritual initiation from Her. His father, remembering his words uttered years ago, dedicated Him to Divine Mother.

As per the wishes of Divine Mother, Poojya Sree Bhagwan married Taradevi Divine Mother’s own niece, who was spiritually illumined even then. The hallmark of their marital life was unbroken brahmacharya and dedication to Divine Mother’s spiritual Mission. From 1966 to 1972, Divine Mother came to live with Them at Ahmednagar. It was during this period that She moulded Him for the great role He was to play in the future.

After the Mahasamadhi of Divine Mother Sree Ramadevi in November 1978, when Divine Mother Sree Taaradevi succeeded Her and also revealed Her own divinity, Poojya Sree Bhagwan was always there to assist Her in Her spiritual ministry, His true identity as Shiva was brought out by Divine Mother Taradevi Herself on various occasions. 

She would often worship Him and He too would never lose an opportunity of offering arati to Her when She was in a divine Bhava. Indeed it was mutual adoration and self worship in esoteric terms.

When divine Mother Taradevi shed Her divine upadhi on 4th September 1981, Poojya Sree Bhagwan succeeded Her to the Guru Peetam. Besides being the President of Rama Sakti Mission. He has been mainly instrumental in founding the Sree Tarama Trust, for looking after the dedicated souls who have joined the mission with the sole purpose of working for the Divine Mothers and who have been entrusted to His care by Them. He is the Managing Trustee of the Trust, which also accords medical relief to the needy and feeds the poor in large numbers.

Poojya Sree Bhagawan established Taramanagar in Khospuri near Ahmednagar recently.a project to propagate Divine Mother’s message.The large compound with various temples inside attracts more and more devotees day by day.The main temple is that of Divine Mother .There are so many cottages for devotees to reside and Poojya Sree Bhagawan also has a residential flat there.He stays there occasionally.  

Poojya Sree Bhagawan in His eigthies still strive hard to give peace and blessings to those who approaches Him seeking solace.