Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi

Since the mind is always externalized, everybody is capable of detecting even the smallest fault in others but is blind to his own Himalayan defects. The aspirant should live within himself, ever vigilant, always keeping guard of his mind and intend upon achieving self-purification.
As you advance in self-purification your mind will attain to such a state of vision where the greatest fault of others will appear to be trivial and your own slightest defect will appear magnified. The greatest cloak with which the ego appears in garb of holiness. I am greatest Bhaktha who can weep for the vision of God; I am a Jnani;I am a Yogi; I am much advanced in spirituality’s do rigorous Sadhana;I am a virtuous man; I am well versed in sacred scriptures.”

These are the assertions of credit seeking ego. Until this pride of holiness vanishes there is no spiritual vision for the aspirant. The worst form falsehood that the ego gives expression to is to say that he is not egoistic.

Divine Mother Sree Thara Devi