Divine Mother Sree Thara Devi

In the Age of Kali, Divine Mother, with Her insight into the structure and nature of human minds, has chalked out a path of synthesis. It is not meditation alone that She has prescribed. How to bring the mind slowly under control, how to reform and transform it by means of devotion and Nama Smarana, has been clearly enunciated by Her.

There is great sweetness in the name of God. But this sweetness is experienced only if the Sadhaka has developed devotion. The love-filled heart overflows in self-forgetting bliss, when the name of the Beloved is chanted. Holding on to the Name the chitta tends towards concentration and filled with fervent remembrance of God, it finally merges. The body notion is forgotten, and the devotee enters the plane of communion with the beloved. Such is the power of the Divine Name.

By developing devotion to the Guru, by practicing nama smarana and meditation, and by keeping the mind pure through noble association, the glow of chaitanya, a luster of the Spirit, manifests itself in the devotee and he gets a new energy, not only to do sadhana, but also to discharge his worldly duties. The sapling of Gurubhakti should be nurtured by daily practice of disciplines,”anushtana”. The mind should never be allowed to dwell on the lower impulses; nor should it be assailed by doubts and distracted by earthly cravings. Courage (dhaiyam), stability (sthairyam) and pure bhava should always be with the Sadhaka. To keep the mind in such a state, as a fit instrument in adhayatmic pursuit; this is the primary duty of every Sadhaka.

God-remembrance, smarana, is not a mere mental act. It is a soulful invocation, arising from awareness of one’s relationship with God. At all times, everywhere, in all situations, whatever work you do, invoke the presence and protection of God through loving remembrance. Nama Japa and Nama Smarana are essential in spiritual life. Nay, even to get security in empirical life one must invoke God’s aid through His name. Nama Smarana, practice of the Name of God, flushes out all the obstructing worldly vasanas, and there dawns in the chittha, the pure bhava of “Soham” in the devotee. Name wipes out selfishness and transforms outlook. The inner eye opens with a radiant glow and world now shines deified..

In the system of the Upadesha Deeksha, Nama Smarana is the first step, the preparatory discipline. To make God one’s own, to purify oneself, to spiritualize one’s activity, the Sadhaka has to be spiritually linked to the Omnipotent One, which is the real function of the Name. Mother gave the Name, the Mahavakya, as well as a code of conduct, for Her disciples to reach perfection.

Divine Mother Sree Thara Devi