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Our spiritual Lights

Poojya Sree Bhagwan Sri Srinivasa Pai

Poojya Sree Bhagwan Sri Srinivasa Pai was the Divine Consort of Divine Mother Sree Tara Devi. A PhD in Biochemistry, he was always a very spiritual person even while he pursued employment with various reputed companies . He was very closely involved with Divine Mother Ramadevi from an early age and more so after his marriage to Divine Mother Sree Tara Devi, and was ordained by Divine Mother Sree Ramadevi herself.

While he was well vested with the divine powers of the Divine Mothers, Poojya Sree Bhagwan always chose to portray himself as the humble disciple of the Divine Mothers and while his divinity often displayed itself inadvertently, he always chose to play it down. 

He was the spiritual head of the mission after Divine Mother Sree Tara Devi’s Maha Samadhi.

He set up the Sree Tarama Trust and established Tarama Nagar in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, where he resided till he attained Maha Samadhi on August 15th 2017.


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